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Resources - How to Evaluate a Garage Builder


(If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you would probably be better off saying NO)

1.  Does the builder quote you a price and then minutes later offer to reduce it significantly if you sign immediately? (The trick here is to quote you a very high price and then reduce it a little to make you think you're getting a special deal so you will sign up without shopping elsewhere. Actually the price you pay is usually higher than the competitors.)

2.  Does the builder show you a copy of his contract with no legal printing on the back but refuses to give you a copy because he switches to a contract that has legal printing later when you are ready to sign? (Look before you sign)

3.  Does the legal printing on the back of the builder's contract permit the builder to price the job below building code requirements and then the buyer is required to pay extra after the contract is signed so the garage can be built to code?

4.  Does the legal printing on the back of builder's contract hold buyer, not builder, legally responsible for garage to conform to building codes?

5.  Does the builder's estimate for the most part consist of a price and some sort of brochure rather than a detailed written explanation as to how he builds garages?

6.  Does the builder attempt to make you feel uneasy or embarrassed when you're asking questions rather then encouraging your questions and answering all of them to your fullest satisfaction?

7.  Does the builder remain silent about garages he has built or only offer a limited number of jobs you can visit rather than providing an extensive list of customers which you can visit at your own discretion? (Anyone can build a garage, but more importantly, you want to know how it stands the test of time)